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The name “La Merveilleuse” doesn't allude to the building, but is the name of the area which is characterized by a gigantic underground cave complex (with among other things a 6km walking pace with 3 big rooms). This cave complex was only discovered in 1904 while building a railway.

Much earlier (in 1613) a Capuchin Order settled in Dinant (picture at the bottom left). In 1793 this convent was transformed into a hospital, later on, into an orphanage and at present occupied by Dinant's social services.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the Dominican nuns built the higher up convent in Neo-Gothic style. For a hundred years this institution was run as strict as can be.

In popular speech, the locals refer to the place as “Couvent de Bethléem”.
This name results from a hermit who used to live in a tower at the site, who died
Christmas Day of 1675 and ever since, the villagers organize a procession to this place once a year.

In 2008 the property was transformed into a multifunctional hotel by Propolis. The architectural firm “Atelier voor Stedelijke Architectuur” based in Gent took care of the design.
All interventions were done with the utmost respect towards history and “the soul of the place”